Special Offer

I get approached by artists a lot and they want to work with me.
Sometimes, some of them think that If you collab with me you get all for free.
Well, as a producer, I do work with other people who pay me so I can't do and I have no time for free work.

But I can offer you this special offer.
- Buy 3 beats (lease or exclusive) and you will get another one for free
- I can produce(mix and master) 1 songs for you, for free, if you record 3 songs on my beats.(Doesn't matter if its a free beat or not)
- Plus I will share your songs on my FaceBook page so you get extra exposure.(As a matter of fact,  I will share any song recorded on my beat/produced by me on my FaceBook page, so hit me up if you do record some)

If you are down for this, hit me up on my FaceBook page :