Cyan Neo - FL Studio 9 skin

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instructions :
To install the skin, copy the file named \"Cyan Neon\" inside the folder and paste in into C:\\Program Files\\Image-Line\\FL Studio 9\\Artwork\\Skins (Well,this is the default location xP)
And then in FL Studio,go to Options>General Settings>Skin (the one at the bottom)

To install the plugins\' skins,you have to move the folder named \"Artwork\" inside the folder of each plugin..and well,paste it into the appropriate location.
Example : Take the \"Artwork\" folder in EQUO and paste it into C:\\Program Files\\Image-Line\\FL Studio 9\\Plugins\\Fruity\\Effects\\EQUO
Note that you have to make a copy of the plugin\'s old skin coz the new folder will replace the old one :/
Skins for plugin\'s will automatically switch itself

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