1. Q: Are these promotions safe for my profile accounts?
    A: Yes, we abide by all rules and policies from each music website.

2. Q: Are all the views, downloads and plays legitimate(real) ?
    A: Yes, once you have purchased a package you will see the complete results in days.

3. Q: Will these promotions guarantee me a top spot in the charts?
    A: Yes and No! We can only guarantee that your status will grow depending upon your current status.

         Example: If you have just created an account on reverbnation, then you can't expect to jump to the top in a few days.
         They have been artist who have seen a tremendous change in their stats within a week or two guaranteed.
4. Q: I have a datpiff account and I want to increase my download status?
    A: You can get your downloads increased only if you have them sponsored.

5. Q: If I get video views on my reverbnation profile does that count as youtube views too?
    A: NO, the video views only count towards your reverbnation views not youtube views.

6. Q: Will this service require me to give them my passwords to my accounts?
    A:  ABSOLUTELY NO! All we need is your profile url links, that's it.

7. Q: How come some orders take longer than others?
    A: It all depends on your order, videos alone only take 24 to 48 hours but, videos, plays and downloads takes up to 5 days.
8. Q: Are my payments secure on this site, and do you accept credit cards? 
    A:  Yes, we use certified paypal transactions or you can choose to pay with a credit card.