Sweep Infinity Filter Vst - By lese.io

Sweep is what started it all.

What started as a Max Patch in 2018 eventually turned into this (and is Lese’s first ever plugin).

Utilizing the same algorithms that sound designers use to create shephard tones / risset filters, Sweep uses a bunch of filters to make your sound feel like it’s rising (or falling) endlessly.

In Sweep’s case, the left and right channels can be split and controlled separately for a more complex, stereo aware sweeping effect.

Intuitive Control

Instead of controlling how the filters behave over the frequency spectrum with a bunch of complicated controls, Sweep keeps it simple; Drag the “factor” handles like you would with a graphical EQ, and the filterbank will follow the curve it makes.

Random is cool

Sweep has a smooth random noise generator built-in that can nudge the filters a bit higher or lower depending on how the noise is feeling at that moment. Change the Phase knob to adjust what kind of action occurs where, and increase the Complexity value to bring the random movement from slow and subtle to fast and complex.