T-Saturator By Techivation 2024

T-Saturator is a smart level-independent saturation plug-in that gives you precise control over your track’s tone and character. Whether you’re looking for subtle warmth, enhanced dynamic range, or screaming distortion, T-Saturator will get you there with ease.
Unlock New Possibilities for Your Sound

T-Saturator boasts a range of versatile features, including a spectral clipper that preserves tonal balance for a consistently pleasant saturation sound. It also offers tube saturation, tape saturation, and a sweet-sounding ‘Fold’ saturation, all accompanied by several controls. These controls include frequency range adjustments, mid-side control, and smash to control how transients are affected, among others.

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Techivation_T-Saturator_v1.0.0.rar - 33.1 MB