Regency (Phase Distorting Synthesizer) v1.1.0 By Nakst

The latest technology.
Regency leads the way to the future of audio plugins, built from the ground up for the new plugin format CLAP.
CLAP is based on an extensible architecture. If both your host and the plugin support a given extension, you’ll get access to its advanced features.
Regency already supports many extensions, such as polyphonic modulation, preset discovery, parameter indication, remote controls and more.

Product specifications:
2 phase distortion generators
6 multi-segment wave graphs
Ladder filter with 4 modes
4 envelopes (1 ADSR and 3 DAHDSRs)
2 math modulators
3 multi-segment LFOs
6 slot modulation matrix
6 effect unit types
3 effect unit slots
24 modulation sources
276 modulation destinations (102 polyphonic)
64 factory patches
Custom skin template
MTS-ESP tuning support

System requirements:
100 MB of available drive space (exact size depends on the number of installed formats)
1 GB of RAM
64-bit Intel, AMD or Apple Silicon processor
For the standalone format: MIDI input and audio output devices
Supported operating systems: Windows 7 64-bit or newer; macOS 10.14-13; X11/Linux with glibc 2.22 or newer
Supported host software: CLAP; Audio Unit (macOS); FL Studio native

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