KeroVee 32-bit VST by g200kg

KeroVee is another old-school pitch correction tool, released way back in 2010. Although it looks somewhat less slick than the previous three autotune VSTs on this list, KeroVee’s feature set is right on par with the competition. In fact, it also features the MIDI input mode seen in GSnap.
Whereas this feature isn’t all that useful if you’re going for the Cher effect, it can be quite convenient if you want absolute control over the pitch of the vocals in your track. In a way, it is closer to what you’d get with Melodyne. But apart from that, KeroVee can also operate in full auto mode, just like the previously mentioned Graillon 2 and MAutoPitch.
One area in which KeroVee doesn’t shine, though, is system compatibility. It will only work as a VST plugin in Windows-based digital audio workstations, so macOS users are out of luck here.
Download: KeroVee (32-bit VST plugin format for Windows)