Heavyocity FREE Production Loops 2020 KONTAKT WAV REX
432 MB
Free Production Loops 2020 was built entirely from the drums and percussion found in Damage 2, a cinematic percussion instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt. It includes 96 straight and triplet loops, covering a wide range of heavy-hitting and aggressive drum sounds. All of these loops are exclusive and newly released material, they’re not found in Damage 2.

What's included in Free Production Loops 2020
• Unleash the EPIC with FREE LOOPS, built entirely from the drums and percussion found in Damage 2.
• 96 straight & triplet loops, covering a wide range of heavy-hitting and aggressive drum sounds.
• These Loops are NOT contained in Damage 2.
• Delivered as WAV & REX files. Kontakt FULL format also included.

Tech Specs:
• 453 MB uncompressed
• Presented in WAV, REX, and NKI (Kontakt FULL) Formats
• 48 Straight Loops (12 Full Mix, 12 Low, 12 Mid, and 12 High)

NKI Version Requirements
• Kontakt 6.4.2 FULL ONLY or later
Minimum System Requirements
• Mac: macOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, or 10.15 (latest update), i5, 4 GB Ram
• PC: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 2 GB RAM

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ValhallaDSP - Valhalla Super Massive

Make some space.
ValhallaSupermassive has been designed from the ground up for MASSIVE delays and reverbs. Blow your mind and your music to new levels of consciousness and experience. Get ready for luscious clouds of reverb, otherworldly delays, swelling waves of feedback unlike any you’ve heard before.

New in 1.1.1: Two new reverb modes, Great Magellanic Cloud and Triangulum!

• Tempo synced delays, up to 2 seconds
• Multiphase delay modulation
• DENSITY control, that allows you to dial in pointillistic echoes, lush reverbs, echo clusters, and all sorts of sounds in between.
• Eight unique delay/reverb MODES, named after celestial objects:
- • Gemini: Fast attack, shorter decay, high echo density.
- • Hydra: Fast-ish attack, shorter decay, low to high echo density (depending on the DENSITY control setting)
- • Centaurus: Medium attack, longer decay, medium to high echo density (depending on the DENSITY control setting)
- • Sagittarius: Slow attack, longer decay, high echo density
- • Great Annihilator: Medium attack, very long decay, medium to high echo density (depending on the DENSITY control setting)
- • Andromeda: Slowest attack, very long decay, very high echo density
- • Lyra: Fast attack, shorter decay, low echo density
- • Capricorn: Fast attack, shorter decay, medium echo density
• Cross-platform preset browser

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Tal software - Tal-J-8 - Jupiter 8 emulator V. 1.1.2 x64 Vst Vst3 aax
x64 Vst Vst3 aax | 12.2 MB
The TAL-J-8 is a very accurate emulation of the popular 80’s hardware synthesiser and calibrated after our own Jupiter 8 device. All sounds are generated in realtime without the use of any samples with the same endless modulation possibilities like the hardware and useful additional features like the calibration section that can make the filter scream.

Authentic emulation of the 80's hardware synthesizer.
Use the calibration section for extreme resonance and filter overdrive.
VCO based UNISON with stereo spread option and a full stereo signal path.
MPE support.
More than 200 factory presets by solidtrax, emptyvessel and others.

Calibrated after our hardware device.

Windows: Windows 7 or higher (64 bit host)


Portamento fix.
SC dialog when changing presets fixed.

Serial included

Download Link

Download Anthology Free 4GB Taster Pack (Wav)

Wav | 2.7 GB
Anthology sets a new standard for sample packs, bringing you world-class recordings and performances. This 4GB taster pack includes a selection of kits in WAV format taken from five wonderful products. From sultry Jazz to New Age and Chillout, there is something here for all discerning producers.

The Anthology Label:

The Anthology label focuses on delivering the highest quality products aimed at professional music producers and composers seeking authentic performances, expert arrangements and the highest calibre of compositional performance.

About The Producer:

Gregor Theelen is a classically-trained composer with decades of experience in working with large orchestras in recording studios. When it comes to styles, Gregor is a Jack of all trades. He loves working in the classical field, Jazz is his passion and he also works in House, Lounge, Rock, Funk or any other project, as long as there is room for sincerity, authenticity and experimentation. Besides this, he is a well known sound designer and connoisseur of old analogue synthesizers.

MIDI Files Not Included:

This taster pack does not include any MIDI files. The full versions of these packs do contain MIDI files, alongside OMF and AAF full arrangements.

OMF and AAF Files Not included:

This taster pack does not include any OMF or AAF files which allow you to import each kit into your sequencer so each audio file has it's own channel. The full versions of the packs do contain OMF and AAF files, which allow you to restructure the original song, or add your own complimentary instrumentation.

Unlooped Riffs/Tails:

This sample library also comes with unlooped/tail versions allowing you to end a phrase with the decay of the instrument, rather than relying on fade-outs or abrupt ends.


All of the loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free, so once purchased, you can use these loops in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs.


• 5 Construction Kits
• ACIDized WAV Files
• Loops sync to BPM
• 44.1 kHz/24-Bit
• PC/Mac Compatible
• Royalty-Free (No Exceptions)

Download Link :
Part 1

FREE | WAV | 216 MB

Dessert Audio has announced the release of the Halloween Free Pack, a collection of samples specially designed for Halloween.

The pack contains 55 samples of dark atmospheres and fx.

It will fill your work with dark atmos, evil laughter, squeaking and screeching sounds and strong hits.

All you need is to download our pack to fill your content with the spirit of Halloween, whether it’s a movie, trailer or a horror soundtrack. All of this will be of great help with your goals.

Also available is the Foghorn drum and bass sample pack, featuring 100 free loops and one shots.

Foghorn is a free drum & bass sample pack that will help you pump your tracks to the fat level of such musicians as: Bou, Monty, Simula, Enei, Benny L, Kings of the Rollers.

This pack will allow you to quickly create your own rollers with the help of fat bassline and swinging drum parts, and the cherry on the cake will be deep atmospheres.

Foghorn features

5 Atmos.
17 Bass Loops.
7 Drum Construction Kits.
14 One Shots.
10 FX.
3 Synth.
15 Vox.

Download Link

Miror Link

ADSR Sounds Sample Manager v1.6.0 VST AU AXX x64 x86 WiN MAC [FREE]

FREE | 12 October 2020 | WiN - 65 MB / MAC - 62 MB
A Smart Sample Management Tool.
ADSR Sample Manager makes your entire sample library searchable with smart and custom tags. Preview any sample in your local library or purchased on ADSR in the context of your track (BPM and/or key synced) using MIDI or drag audio directly to your project. Now available for VST/AU/AAX and standalone.

New in ADSR Sample Manager 1.6

Expand your library
Discover a near-unlimited library of sounds. All locked to your projects tempo and in key.
Enjoy the freedom to pay as you go – no subscription

Recently added features in ADSR Sample Manager

-Sample manipulation controls: HP/LP filters, fade in and out, gain, normalize and meter
-Zoom waveform with snapping for start / end points (zero crossing and note division)
-Looped previews with quantized start points
-Ableton LINK enabled – Join the same network and sync your loops and one-shots with others using multiple devices running Link-enabled software / mobile apps
-ADSR Account Integration: login and browse your purchased sample packs. Search and preview samples from the cloud like you would your local library. Listen in sync with your track (key/bpm) – download everything or just what you need.
-New sample info columns: length, file size and date added, with the ability to show/hide what you need.
-New genre and label tag types. Find the right sound at the right time.
-Dragging into your DAW renders the sample with all of your selected settings (fades, tempo etc) or drag the raw sample by user choice
-Midi mappable controls; random/random back, filters, fades, gain
-AAX Support
-Duplicate sample detection with hide duplicate function
-Resizeable waveform display (drag up and down to resize) with added retina support
-Collapsible left panel and reduced minimum size allowed
-Various performance improvements and bug fixes

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 Download SMOKEY LOOPS Trap Squad 2 free
Smokey Loops presents a second series of “Trap Squad”, a huge collection of Trap sounds.
In this pack you will find 5 Full Construction kits, created especially for you at 103 – 150 – 160 BPM, to give more grit to your productions.
Also bring you Drum Loops, Melody Loops (Drop Sidechain/No- Sidechain), Oneshots, Vocals, MIDI, Presets (Spire/Serum), Bonus Loops and much more.
MIDI files and Presets in each kits are included for manipulate sound to your liking.
Contain tempo and key labels for easy reference.
Trap Squad 2 is 100% Royalty-Free.

'Trap Squad 2' is a huge collection of Trap sounds. In this pack you will find five full Construction Kits, created to give more grit to your productions.

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FREE | 3 November 2020 | WiN - 12.6 MB / MAC - 19.7 MB
Universal Guitar Cabinet Modeler

KABIN is universal guitar cabinet modeler. You can create different spiker/cabinet models with SIZE and CHARACTER options and shape tone with microphone placement.


SIZE : You can set spiker and cabinet size and response with SIZE knob. Spiker/Cabinet size can be changed battery-powered guitar amp cab to 1x12. While your spiker size goes to smaller, cabinet size will go smaller, too.

CHARACTER : Will set character of spiker and cabinet. Soft to Punch. Soft will give smoother mid response (mostly low mid) and Punch will give fuller mid response. Not only frequency changes. Also, dynamic response.

MICROPHONE : There is a mic (Modeled Tube Mic) in front of cabinet. You can move it left to right. In default, it's placed center. You can move mic to right to get off-axis placement.

OUTPUT : Will set main output. Inf to +12dB.

KABIN : It's also bypass button. Red is active, white is bypassed.

Download Link:

WiN/OSX | 39.68 MB/40.33 MB
Ladies and Gentlemen, the reviews are in! Over the past couple of weeks since the release of our Sphere 1.5 software update, several reviewers have put the Sphere plug-in through its paces. From big YouTube channels like Podcastage to personal shout-outs from customers - we're flattered by them all. We're particularly thrilled about the Sphere 1.5 reviews focused on voice-over and vocal recording because that's exactly the market we had hoped this update would resonate with.

Here are our Sphere 1.5 review highlights:

Bandrew Scott of the YouTube channel Podcastage is known and loved for his incredibly detailed and thorough reviews. Here's his full review of the Sphere L22 with the latest Sphere 1.5 software. He also compares the L22 against some of the mics we've modeled, such as the Neumann U67, U87 Ai, and Shure SM7b.

"I love having that control and versatility. For spoken word, I absolutely love this thing. It's so cool having access to all these microphones that you wouldn't typically use for spoken word. Who in their right mind would use an M49 for spoken word? Well, you get to use it and that's super fun. You get a lot of versatility and then you have the classics that everybody uses for spoken word. You can do so much cool stuff and get the exact right tone for your spoken word." - Bandrew Scott (Podcastage)

If that wasn't enough, Bandrew also decided to go through the trouble of demonstrating every single mic model that is part of the Sphere Collection. Watch the video below and use the timestamps to jump to the model you'd like to audition.

Download Link :

Win vestion

OSX Version

Sonicbits Exakt Lite v1.4 x64 VST2 VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE]

free| WiN MAC| 17 MB
Sonicbits has released updates to the Exakt Lite FM synthesizer and Sphere reverb effect plugin, including various bug fixes and improvements.

Exakt Lite is an intuitive and user friendly FM synthesizer plugin.

From the harsh digital and cold sounds known from the FM era to warm and organic sounds, Exakt Lite can create a wide range of sounds.

Changes in Exakt Lite v1.4

Fix: Support for macOS Big Sur has been added.
Fix: The graphic library has been updated, which improves compatibility with many DAWs.
Fix: Sampling frequencies above 88.2kHz crashed the plugin. This has been fixed.
Fix: The “Comeback Bass” preset is now installed with the correct file suffix (Windows).
Add: Multitouch support has been added on Windows.

Changes in Sphere v1.3

Fix: Support for macOS Big Sur has been added.
Fix: The graphic library has been updated, which improves compatibility with many DAWs.
Add: Multitouch support has been added on Windows.
Both plugins are available to download for free in VST/VST3 and AU formats for Windows and Mac.

Download Link

2.70 GB
Where words fail, music gains its power. The Felt Piano’s soulful intimacy reaches right inside the heart. Use the Glow knob and let simple chords evolve into mesmerizing sound worlds. A piano never felt better.

- 5 velocity layers
- 5 round robins
- 3 microphone positions
- Glow slider for incredible atmosphere
- Control Attack, Release, Dynamic Range, Mechanics, Tape and Ambience
- 9 color presets
- Lightweight, streamlined interface
- 5.7GB of pure intimacy

- FULL VERSION of Native Instruments’ KONTAKT Version 5.8.1 or higher
- Mac OSX.10.8 or higher, Intel Core 2 Duo
- Windows 7 or higher, Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD AthlonTM 64 X2
- at least 2.9GB of free hard disc space

quote by Sonuscore
Note: This product requires a FULL version of Native Instruments' KONTAKT.
The free Kontakt player is not sufficient, as it only runs the instrument in DEMO mode.
Download link:







Analog Obsession Britpressor v1.0 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE]

13.3 MB
Britpressor : Vintage Solid-State Compressor/Limiter with multiband-sidechain.
No update! From scratch!

- COMPRESSOR THRESHOLD : Will set threshold for compressor section. (Orange labeled knob)
- COMPRESSOR RECOVERY : Release time for compressor section. (Orange labeled knob)
- LIMITER LEVEL : Will set limiting level. (Above of Compressor Threshold)
- LIMITER RECOVERY : Release time for limiter section. (Above of Compressor Recovery)
- GAIN : Make-Up Gain. (Placed after Limiter Section)
- RATIO : Ratio setting for Compressor Section.
- MIX : Blending DRY and WET signals. (Placed after Limiter Section)
- HPF : Will cut lows for internal/external sidechain input. (Only Compressor Section)
- MID : Boost or cut mids (1.6kHz) for internal/external sidechain input. You can boost and get more compression on mids or cut for release mids. (Only Comressor Section)
- HIGH : Boost or cut mids (10kHz) for internal/external sidechain input. You can boost and get more compression on highs or cut for release highs. (Only Comressor Section)
- EXT : Will engage External Sidechain input.

NOTE 1 : If you use Google Chrome, download with "Right Click" or download with another browser.
NOTE 2 : Ableton Live (Mac) users should use VST version.

P2P | 12 August | 372 MB FL Studio

In this class, I'm going to teach you how to make the most out of your samples in FL Studio. These techniques and topics are key when it comes to sampling.

Class Objective

Don’t worry if you never have done music before let’s get the basics and leave the complicated part for later on. The main objective of this class it's making you comfortable treating samples and giving you a community space where you can feel free to ask questions and share your ideas and doubts in the process.

What I do need?

You’ll need FL Studio, Speakers a Computer and being willing to learn. After the class you are going to be making hits, bangers.

Download Link

X64 | 05 September 2020 | WIN: 945 MB | OSX: 942 MB | CONTENT: 28.2 GB
HALion is the most comprehensive virtual sampling and sound design system available today and excels the present creative process for producers and sound designers in all areas.

It covers the complete creative workflow from recording and sample editing to programming advanced synthesis and modulation setups. With HALion, create customized user interfaces and export ready-to-release instrument libraries with every step streamlined to the greatest extent.

The powerful set of oscillators for seamless sample playback as well as the next-generation synthesis make HALion a versatile creative tool in simply every situation. Its broad library includes thousands of high-class and deep-sampled instruments and cutting-edge synthesizer sounds for all kinds of musical genres.

Key Features
•State-of-the-art sampler and sound creation system tailored to the demands of professionals
•Advanced library creation tools including Macro Page Designer, drag-and-drop Library Creator and HALion scripting
•Powerful multi-timbral audio engine with disk-streaming sample playback, tone-wheel organ simulator and high-end virtual analog, granular and wavetable synthesis
•AudioWarp for cutting-edge time-stretching and pitch-shifting
•FlexPhraser module drives beats, arpeggios and complex tonal phrases
•Outstanding library including over 3,400 synthesized sounds and breathtakingly authentic acoustic instruments
•Flexible user interface with multi-monitor support allowing you to customize and save your own windows and screen sets
•Wide range of high-end audio effects, including REVerence convolution reverb, VST Amp simulation and many more
•Up to 192 kHz, 32 stereo outputs and 6-channel surround support
•Cross-platform compatibility: Windows (VST 3, VST 2, AAX) and macOS (VST 3, AU, AAX) plug-in and standalone support

Windows :
Download Link

Download Link





Team R2R | 05 Sep 2020 | WiN: 3.2MB | OSX: 17.3MB

The EQ3V is a flexible 7-band vintage equalizer plug-in that offers 5 bands of fully parametric EQ, variable Q High Pass/Low Pass filters, and it's own unique analogue modelled saturation. Perfect for mix or tracking duties where character and precision is key.

Current values are clearly displayed for all parameters, and precise values can be entered. Each EQ section may be individually bypassed. All equalization and saturation algorithms are oversampled, using 64bit internal processing for superior clarity and resolution.

Analogue modeled saturation
4x Oversampled
High Pass: 10hz - 400hz
Low Shelf: 30hz - 400hz
Low Mid Peaking: 100hz - 1.0k
Mid Peaking: 800hz - 5.0k
High Mid Peaking: 4.0k - 10.0k
High Shelf: 8.0k - 16.0k
Low Pass: 8.0k - 20k
Bypass per band
64bit internal processing
Formats: 64bit VST, VST3, AU and AAX
Version: 1.6

Donwload Links :


free| WiN OSX| 3 MB
Bertom Denoiser is a noise reduction plugin designed for music and post-production / dialogue.

A simple user interface which doesn’t rely on “learning” a static noise profile.
Fully automatable.
Low CPU usage so it can be used on many tracks.
Works in the time domain with zero latency.
Doesn’t simply react to the raw input signal but tracks how the noise is evolving in each band.
No musical noise (no FFT) at the cost of larger frequency bands and thus shines better at moderate reduction : don’t overcook!
No crossovers and no phase shift when there is no reduction, in a similar way to a dynamic EQ.

Donwload Link

13 Sep 2020 | 41.5MB
'Trap Vocal Chop Loops Vol 1' comes with 25 vocal loops in WAV format. In the pack you will also find the MIDI file of each loop, along with their one-shot samples. Perfect for getting for creative vocal based lead like Major Lazer, Diplo or DJ Snake.
This release is ideal for any Trap track or any other EDM production that needs a good vocal chop sample and great MIDI loop idea to go with it, check out the demo to see what this pack has to offer.

Product Details:
- 25 WAV Vocal Loops
- 25 MIDI Vocal Loops
- 25 One-Shot Vocals
- 44.1kHz/24-Bit Quality

Download Link

Mirror Link

VSTi AU WIN OSX | 144 MB 110 MB
Diginoiz has announced the release of Subdivine Lite, a free VST/AU instrument for Windows and macOS, featuring 808 & bass sounds.

From Diginoiz:

This time Diginoiz have something really special for you! A FREE Vst instrument!

Subdivine Lite is a limited but still very powerful and useful version of Diginoiz 808 – type bass instrument. It has six great-sounding presets, one type of adjustable drive, partly modifiable ADSR and fully functional pitch bend. Enough to get a deep dive into the best sounding low end of modern urban music!

Check out this free version, get familiar with it, get used to it, fall in love with it, Digioiz is sure you’ll want more!

Subdivine Lite is suitable for all kinds of music that need some solid sounding bass instrument – ideal for Trap, R&B, Future R&B, Hip-Hop, and genres alike. In order to get the freebie, first add it to the cart at Diginoiz, then fill in your details during checkout.

Download Links :

Win / Mirror Link

Mac / Mirror Link

WiN/OSX | 7.05 MB/13.06 MB
This free lite version of KSHMR Essentials will help your kicks feel bigger, punchier, brighter, and sit better in the mix.

Plugin Information
Constructed by world famous DJ, musician, and record producer KSHMR, this specially designed artist plugin puts an award-winning professional’s favorite signal chains at your fingertips. Ease-of-use is the priority with each module featuring just a single dial and all of the complex processing and settings kept behind the scenes. KSHMR knows what sounds great and keeps things simple with an essential plugin that can push out professional-grade audio with just a few clicks. Achieving a stadium-ready sound has never been so easy.

Make Your Kicks Extra Punchy
An entire bank dedicated solely to kick processing shows you how much effort goes into KSHMR’s individual drum tracks. Add extra low end to your kick with the Sub module. Next, take control of the kick’s tone, adding upper frequencies with the Mid and Air modules. Finish off your kick with multiband compression using the Pressure module before applying a touch of subtle saturation with the Tape module.

KSHMR Essentials Kick
This free lite version of KSHMR Essentials will help your kicks feel bigger, punchier, brighter, and sit better in the mix.

Free Download Link :

Team R2R | 05 Sep 2020 | WiN: 3.2MB | OSX: 17.3MB
CS1V brings the warmth and depth of an analogue console to your tracks and mixes. Drive increases the level of saturation. Tone adjusts pre-amp character; darker and heavier in the low range anti-clockwise, and progressively brighter high end harmonic boost clockwise. There are two selectable preamp modes: A is darker in character overall, while B has a flatter frequency response.

The default "Channel" mode is intended for mono tracks. When inserted on stereo tracks or auxes, the "Buss" setting can be used to add a subtle amount of crosstalk, as in a hardware mixer. Engaging the automatic gain control (AGC) attenuates the output to match the source volume.

The Group control allows all instances with the same number to be controlled as a group, making ensemble changes easy.

Variable input drive and preamp tone
Phase switch
VU metering
4x oversampling
Control multiple instance groups
64bit internal processing
Formats: 64bit VST, VST3, AU and AAX
Version: 2.3

Free Download Link:



WAV | 11 MB
Red Sounds has announced the release of Iconic 808, a free sample pack featuring 808 samples for hip hop and trap.

The collection contains 20 production-ready 808 samples inspired by iconic producers like Southside, Lex Luger, TM88, Metro Boomin, and artists alike.

808s are used in nearly every Hip-Hop track nowadays, so it will be definitely beneficial to add these to your sample collection.

Just load them into your favorite sampler and you are ready to go. Each sample is labeled and tuned to corresponding notes.

All samples are delivered in WAV format and are royalty-free. Please note this pack requires adding to cart.

Free Download Link

Mirror Link

Mellowmuse CP2V v3.0 Regged (WIN OSX)-R2R

WiN: 3.2MB | OSX: 17.3MB
The vintage styled CP2V is a track and program audio dynamics compressor plug-in that oozes character and attitude. With an interface designed with simplicity in mind and multi-stage analogue modeled processing adding smooth saturating harmonics.

You'll find it equally at home smashing drums, taming vocals or enhancing acoustic guitar. Without a doubt our 'gooiest' sounding compressor so far!

Multi-stage analogue modeled compression
Output driven saturation
VU style compression metering
Fixed attack and release times
64 bit internal processing
4x Oversampling
Formats: 64bit VST, VST3, AU and AAX
Version: 3.0

Download Link :




Team R2R | 04 Sep 2020 | 7.7MB
Youlean Loudness Meter helps you find the true perceived loudness of your audio and prepares it for TV or streaming services release.

Join the thousands of recording studios that already use it.

It is available as standalone application, VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats. Supports Windows and macOS.

There are 2 versions:


Film, TV and Gaming presets.
LU, INT, TP, LRA, PLR, DR readouts.
Resizing, scaling GUI.
Mini view.
True peak and loudness histogram graph.
Loudness distribution graph.
Automatic loudness overdub.
Mono, Stereo, and 5.1 channel.
Low CPU consumption.


Everything the free version has plus:
Streaming presets.
Dynamics graph.
PDF, PNG or SVG export.
Saving custom presets.
Text scaling.
Dark and light theme for plugin and export.

A/B save states.

Drag & drop analysis.
Lifetime free updates.
30 days money back guarantee.

Download Link

Mellowmuse IR1A v4.1 Regged (WIN OSX)

Team R2R | WiN: 9.6MB | OSX: 26.8MB
IR1A Convolver is a convolution plugin that let you apply the sonic characteristics of one sound to another in real time, using an impulse response file.

It features a high quality, zero latency convolution engine, capable of reproducing everything from guitar cabinets to lush natural reverbs and special effects. IR length can be set, along with high or low pass filtering, and predelay for creative sound shaping.

The integrated file browser makes it easy to navigate and load IR files including importing external files. It loads standard mono or stereo AIFF or WAV format impulse response files, and comes with a starter library of presets.

CPU efficient zero latency convolution
IRs up to 10 seconds @ 44.1
External IR file browser
Predelay: 0 - 250 ms
High and low pass filtering
Customisable image previews
Phase switch
64 bit internal processing
Formats: 64bit VST, VST3, AU and AAX
Version: 4.1

Download Link :



There is no need to input any key.
This is "Regged", meaning already registered.
Did you install it, and try it?
It should say "Registered to [some number]" along the bottom on loading and then if you click the "i" info button at the bottom right, it will show info including the "registered to" bit.

License file seems to be located:
Windows: C:\Program Files\Mellowmuse\Licenses
Mac OS X: /Library/Application Support/Mellowmuse/Licenses 

I find this on another MellowMuse FX post by "Iggy":
'Sorry for not adding that in my original post -- I eventually did just go looking for the appropriate folder in the usual place and dropped in the license. All good now. Unfortunately, the .pdf instructions for where the licenses go was in that fucking folder ...!!!

Separate question for the group: any way possible to use this plug in other Mac DAWs via AU Patchwork? It'll come in handy with PT, but I'd imagine it would come in equally as handy in Logic or Digital Performer."

FREE | 04 August 2020 | 58.1 MB
OB-Xd is based on the Oberheim OB-X. It attempts to recreate its sound and behavior, but as the original was very limited in some important ways a number of things were added or altered to the original design. OB-Xd was designed to sound as good and as rich as the original. It implements micro random detuning which is a big part of that sound.

What's new

• 7x faster GUI controls.
• Linux build.
• Standalone app.
• Signed and notarized installers.
• Updated JUCE framework to 5.4.7 for better stability and compatibility.
• Updated Banks with 2.0 compatibility.
• Ilkka Rosma Dark Theme.
• macOS Catalina support.
• MIDI CC Learn.
• MIDI CC support.
• Parameter refactor.
• XML based skinning.
• HiDPI (Retina) ready GUI themes.


While not copying originals, some of the features were taken to a better point. Continuous blendable multimode filter (HP-Notch(BP)-HP in 12 dB mode and 4-1 pole in 24 dB mode). Also, like many synths of the OB-X's generation, the OB-Xd has no internal effects so its sounds and textures can be greatly enhanced by the use of additional processing like chorus, reverb, delay, etc.

Thanks to 2Dat for the original OB-Xd and Soshi Studio for giving the rights to continue this wonderful product. Also thanks to all KVR artists for making the amazing skins!. OB-Xd Desktop has no restrictions and is free to use. Buy to support further development, thank you! Source code is available under GPL license at GitHub.

Download Link

Irish Acts Studio Infinity v3 VST-AU WiN/MacOS

FREE | 14 July 2020| 6.12 GB
“Infinity” (v3.0) is the latest version of Infinity. Our VST/AU that’s can morph in appearance, function and sound based on what sound expansions are current loaded.

What’s new in version 3.
Infinity v3 now comes with a brand new factory presets library.
Optimised for the latest operating systems and Macos Catalina.
The entire sound engine has been updated to perform faster, better and behave differently in order to offer better responsive sound and filter control.
Reduced CPU load.
Greatly improved seamless switching between sounds without notes cutting off.

Windows 32Bit / 64Bit, MacOS VST, and Logic/AU (Audio Unit).

Download Link :




08.2020 | 27.8 MB
SPAN is a free real-time “fast Fourier transform” audio spectrum analyzer AAX, AudioUnit and VST plugin for professional sound and music production applications. For the most part it was derived from Voxengo GlissEQ dynamic parametric equalizer and reproduces its spectrum analysis functionality.

SPAN provides you with a very flexible “mode” system which you can use to setup your spectrum analyzer preferences. You may specify Fourier block size in samples, FFT window overlap percentage, spectrum's visual slope. Beside that you can choose to display secondary spectrum of a desired type (e.g. real-time maximum, all-time maximum). Spectrum can be smoothed out visually for an easier examination.

SPAN supports multi-channel analysis and can be set to display spectrums from two different channels or channel groups at the same time. Spectrum's color can be chosen to taste.

SPAN also features output level metering with adjustable ballistics and integration time, EBU R128, K-system metering (including calibration K-system metering). SPAN displays level metering statistics, headroom estimation and true peak clipping detection. Correlation metering is available as well.

Output signal power statistics
Spectrum smoothing
User interface window resizing
True peak and clipping statistics
Correlation meter
EBU R128 LUFS/LU metering
K-system metering (unweighted)
Stereo and multi-channel analysis
Mid/side analysis
Internal channel routing
Channel grouping
Preset manager
Undo/redo history
A/B comparisons
Contextual hint messages
All sample rates support
User interface color schemes
Retina and HighDPI support

This audio plugin can be loaded into any audio host application that conforms to the AudioUnit or VST plugin specification. Plugins with AAX version available can be loaded in ProTools 12+.

This plugin is compatible with Windows (32- and 64-bit Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and later versions) and macOS (10.7 and later versions, 64-bit Intel processor-based) computers (2.5 GHz dual-core or faster processor with at least 4 GB of system RAM, SSE4.2 instructions support required, e.g. any Intel Core i-, AMD Bulldozer- or Zen-based processor). A separate binary distribution file is available for each target computer platform and audio plugin specification. If supported on a specific processor, the plugin may internally utilize AVX2-optimized code.

Compatible Windows and macOS plugin software: Cubase, Logic Pro, ProTools, Ableton Live, Reaper, Presonus Studio One, FL Studio, Cakewalk, Nuendo, WaveLab, GarageBand, Vegas, SoundForge, Audition, Samplitude, Digital Performer, Mixcraft, Bitwig Studio, Edius, others.

If you cannot get plugin to work on macOS High Sierra/Mojave, you have to logout from the system and login again, it's a known issue not caused by plugin's own bug.

Version 3.9, 06-aug-2020:
* Improved readability of the condensed font.

Download Link

Free TBProAudio bundle


AB_LM v1.6.13 - AB Loudness Match
AMM v1.0.13 - Automatic Microphone Mixer
CS-3301 v1.6.6 - Channel Strip
CS-5501 v1.4.8 - Extended Channel Strip
dEQ6 v3.2.2 - Dynamic Equalizer / Multiband Compressor
dpMeter4 v4.3.9 - Free Multi Channel Meter
dpMeterXT v2.0.9 - Broadcast Loudness Meter
DSEQ v2.1.0 - Dynamic Spectral Equalizer
DynaRide v1.2.6 - Vocal & Bass Riding Leveller
Euphonia2 v2.0.10 - Spectrum Balancing
FinalLoud2 v2.0.12 - Loudness & True Peak Finalizer Tool
GainRider2 v1.0.16 - Vocal Gain Riding Leveller
gEQ12V3 v3.2.2 - 12-Band Graphic Equalizer
Impress v1.9.23 - Compressor
ISOL8 v2.1.2 - Free Mix Monitoring Tool
LA xLimit III v3.0.10 - Enhanced Limiter
mvMeter2 v1.0.26 - Free Multivariable Meter
SLM2 v1.3.13 - Smart Loudness Maximizer
ST1 v1.1.4 - Spatial Tool
sTilt v1.4.10 - Free Spectrum Tilt Filter

Download Link


Team R2R | 05 Sep 2020 | WiN: 3.2MB | OSX: 17.3MB
The CP3V is an audio dynamics compressor plug-in, inspired in part by the classic 1176 analogue compressor. The analogue modelled saturation and compression stages combine to add progressively more warmth to the compressed signal at higher levels, while never sounding harsh.

Together with the ultra fast attack and release time it offers a wide range of creative compression options that will help your tracks cut through any mix.

Multi-stage analogue modeled compression
Output driven saturation
VU style compression metering
Variable attack: 0.01 - 100 ms
Variable release: 10 - 500 ms
Ratios: 4:1, 8:1, 12:1 and 20:1
4x Oversampling
64 bit internal processing
Formats: 64bit VST, VST3, AU and AAX
Version: 2.0

Download Link :



PDF MP3 | 142 MB
For use with all B-flat, E-flat, C and BC instruments, the JAZZ PLAY ALONG SERIES is the ultimate learning tool for all jazz musicians. With musician-friendly lead sheets, melody cues, and other split-track choices in the included audio which is accessed online, this first-of-its-kind package makes learning to play jazz easier than ever before. FOR STUDY, each tune includes a split track with: • Melody cue with proper style and inflection • Professional rhythm tracks • Choruses for soloing • Removable bass part • Removable piano part. FOR PERFORMANCE, each tune also has: • An additional full stereo accompaniment track (no melody) • Additional choruses for soloing.

In this special instructional edition, technical concepts used in jazz improvising are covered in detail – from scales to chord progressions to ii-V-I patterns. And in true Jazz Play-Along fashion, there are also plenty of play-along tracks based on common chord progressions and songs, so you can apply the concepts you learn right away in context. Topics covered include: essential chord-to-scale relationships • making music with scales • chord tones • adding chromatics • other scales • fundamental harmony • the ii-V-I progression • advanced harmony • “must-know” progressions • improvising • modern concepts in improvising • suggested listening.

Download Link

PDF MP3 | 58,2 MB
The Hal Leonard Jazz Play-Along Series is the ultimate tool for all jazz musicians. In this special instructional edition, the II-V-I progression is covered in detail – from chords and scales to major and minor progressions to melodic and harmonic patterns and variations. And in true Jazz Play-Along fashion, there are plenty of play-along tracks based on this ubiquitous progression, so you can immediately apply the concepts you learn in a musical context. For study, the play-along examples include a split track with melody cues, professional rhythm tracks, removable bass part and removable piano part. For performance, the play-along examples have an additional full-stereo accompaniment track (without melody). With this package you'll be introduced to the II-V-I progression, chords and scales, outlining chords over II-V-I, playing scales over II-V-I, simple patterns for II-V-I, condensed progression and other time signatures, improvisation, practice tunes, and more! The audio is accessed online for download or streaming and includes PLAYBACK+ tools such as tempo adjustment, looping, and panning.

Download Link
- 263.1 MB

WiN (V.R Patch) / MAC | 06 July 2020 | 5.4GB / 4.7 GBWe are pleased to announce a new version of Waves plugins, Waves V11. Update to V11 to future-proof your sessions, ensure compatibility with the latest DAWs and operating systems (including MacOS 10.15 Catalina), enjoy plugin updates including new versions of the Renaissance plugins, get new plugins added to premium bundles, and more.

Release Notes:

July 6th, 2020
eMotion LV1 v11.0.65.162 Update:
Fixed: A bug causing audio not to pass from L/R if the SoundGrid server buffer size is set to 80 and the session includes I/Os in N/A status.
Fixed: Distorted audio with a redundant server assigned and 160/224 SoundGrid server buffer size.
Fixed: Possible distorted audio in matrix channels when SoundGrid server buffer size is above 160.

DirectOut SG.MADI Converter (V9.7.99.717):
Fixed: A bug showing incompatibility in LV1 v11.0.65.150.

SoundGrid Driver (ASIO/Core Audio) v11.2.65.162 Update (Windows Only - Included in SoundGrid Studio, eMotion LV1 and SuperRack):
Fixed: Clicks in audio when playing from WDM Driver to I/O @ 96 kHz.

1. Go to waves folder and Install Waves Central and Run
2. Select Offline Installer and Click Install from an Offline Installer
3. Browse the Waves folder you downloaded
4. Select the plugins you like and Install!
5. Apply patch and Enjoy

Waves Complete v11 06.07.20 WiN : 

Elevate Your Music and Movie Productions With Some Outstanding Free Cinematic Sound Effects Now!

To celebrate the release of our forthcoming biggest cinematic sound bundle called "Tesseract" on the first of May, we would like to give you some free cinematic sound effects today!

So, this free gem includes a total of 50 different sound effects suitable for music producers as well as filmmakers.

Expect huge drum and percussion hits, atmospheric long pads, thick risers, nice synthetic sounds and breath-taking whooshes.

All sounds are 100% royalty free and can be used for commercial projects.

Ghosthack_-_Free_Cinematic_SFX_April_2020.rar - 50.6 MB

Download Black Octopus Sound Stay At Home Beats WAV MiDI SERUM WAVETABLES FREE

FREE | 20 April 2020 | 986 MB

In times of crisis, coming together as a community in support of one another is necessary. An elite team of artists at Black Octopus Sound have built a premium quality and highly diverse sample pack; and we are giving it away for free to the global music community! The following artists have teamed up to deliver some of their best material you can enjoy fresh inspiration while you are staying at home; Basement Freaks, Veela, We Bang, Quid, Dennis Sheperd, Protoculture, Chop Shop Samples, Tommy Studiolife, Killsam, Cyborgs, Marc Haven, Qdup, and Blamers.

This multi genre pack includes Construction Kits, Snappy kick drums for all genres, snares, cymbals, percussion, bass one shots and loops to fill out your low end, Serum wavetables, Synth/Instrument samples, MIDI files, and vocals.

Pack size: Over 800MB with 438 Sounds
• 2 Construction Kits
• 164 Drum Samples
• 150 Synths & Instrument Samples
• 22 Serum Wavetables
• 44 FX Samples
• 22 MIDI Patterns
• 15 Vocal Samples

Download Link :

Stay.At.Home.Bea_.rar - 540.8 MB


Stay.At.Home.Bea_.rar - 540.8 MB

FREE | 01 April 2020 | 320 MB
JADE Ethnic Orchestra is an upcoming product by Strezov Sampling, that gives you the biggest collection of Chinese and Mongolian deep-sampled virtual instruments. JADE Ethnic Orchestra includes everything you need to write authentic Asian music. From expressively playable folklore instruments, to Mongolian ethnic singers and soloists, amazing percussion collection and sound designed pads. It’s all right at your fingertips.

Every instrument inside this collection was recorded with the same attention to detail than our other libraries, featuring multiple mic positions, different short and long articulations, expressive phrases, true polyphonic legato and various ensemble sizes. Recorded at Tweak Tone Labs studio, Beijing using high-end recording equipment and the same approach towards liveliness and realism as our Next Generation Choir Series, JADE Ethnic Orchestra provides direct inspiration from the roots.

This freebie allows you to try out a limited version of the Xiao instrument from our library JADE Ethnic Orchestra

Native Instruments Kontakt FULL Version 5.7.1 or higher, FREE Player NOT SUPPORTED

StrezovSampling_JEOFreebie.zip - 320.4 MB

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