Bryson Tiller Finally Returns With New Single Blame

He's back! Bryson Tiller releases a new song called "Blame."

It's been a hot minute since we heard new music from Bryson Tiller. We were expecting some jams from him last year but in late 2018, the talented vocalist announced that he would be delaying his album Serenity until further notice. He started back teasing the body of work a few months ago but the music was not consistent. Now, we appear to be commencing the rollout to Tiller's next big project because a new song randomly just popped up on his website and it's smooth as hell.
Bryson Tiller burst onto the scene with TrapSoul, gaining a massive fanbase and easily creeping his way up to become one of the most soulful young voices in the industry. He appears to be prepping us for his return because, the singer uploaded some fresh audio to his blog. As you would expect, this is a love song and while we would love to hear Tiller venture into different territories, he's proven to be a tremendous success in this zone. 
Hopefully, we hear some news about Serenity soon. What do you think of this one? Check it out here.
Quotable Lyrics:
Say I didn't love you
You know a n***a loved you
Did you forget to mention all the things I did for you
Times I made a trip cause I know you hate the distance
Baby, it's alright
Go ahead and take your time

Casanova & Desiigner Put On For Brooklyn On "MATHA"

Casanova and Desiigner link up for a brand new banger.

Casanova came through with his latest project, Free At Last earlier this year but he's been relatively low key in terms of releasing new music in the past few months. However, he did release a compilation project called The Giveback on Soundcloud recently which highlights up-and-coming artists. However, he's also getting ready to release his debut album this year. Although he hasn't made the official announcement just yet, it seems he's getting everyone prepared by releasing some new music.
Casanova and Desiigner have joined forces for their new collab, "MATHA." Although Free At Last had Casanova experimenting with different sounds, he's back in his comfort zone with drill-centric production and aggressive bars. Desiigner balances out Casanova's high-energy performance with a more laid back, melodious hook. 
Keep your eyes peeled for more music from both artists.
Quotable LyricsHit 'em with five, six, seven, eight shots
Left his body with holes
Extended clip and reload
I put a tag on his toes

IDK Delivers Hard-Hitting Piano Banger “24”
IDK has cemented himself as an exciting lyricist to watch, though it’s been a minute since his last studio album IWASVERYBAD. Still, the DMV native has kept himself busy with a few clutch releases, most recently by way of new single “24.” Premiering the dark piano banger via Zane Lowe’s Beats 1, IDK took a moment to break down the thematic core of his latest release.
“I’m bragging about what they call the root of evil, you feel what I’m saying?” he explains. “You know, I’m not the type of dude that talks shit about money all the time and things like that, but in this song, you know, that’s what I wanted to do to prove that particular point.” Whether his ultimately point shines through is open to interpretation, but IDK certainly makes due with the limited time he has. Despite the brevity, “24” checks off a variety of boxes, with a hard-hitting beat, a solid hook, and enough character to hold water. What do you think about this one?
Quotable Lyrics
When the money fall, I’ma slap that ass, clap
When the money go, you don’t slap ass, that’s facts
If the money low I’ma wear a strap

New Splice Sounds Soltan Sample Pack Vol. 2 WAV

Soltan Sample Pack Vol. 2
Size 374.2 Mb

Soltan is back with his second Splice pack. Soltan is the stage name for the enigmatic Middle Eastern electronic musician, Show Lex. This diverse pack covers everything from dubstep to trap to Middle Eastern beats with a nod to Indian culture. If versatility, range, and a unique variety of FX and hard-hitting drum beats are what you’re looking for, this pack is for you.

Soltan Sample Pack Vol. 2 folders:





Download Link

Delay Time Calculator (DTC) v1.6 WiN FREE by Liqube Audio

DTC is an essential tool for producers.

It calculates delay times in milliseconds and frequency modulation values in Hertz for either a song tempo in 'beats per minute', for a frequency value, or for a measure duration and signature. Also included is a tap tempo feature.

Some uses include calculation of

pre-delay times for reverbs
delay times for software or hardware effects without tempo sync
frequency modulation values that fit a song tempo, eg. for synthesizer or filter LFOs, modulation effects like chorus, flanger, phaser, vibrato, tremolo, you name it.

Download Link

This pack is a compilation of many different FLP's i've made... (50 PRESETS)
Pick and choose what you like, refer to each preset name to see what it should
be used for. 


- Recommended FL Studio Version 20.0.3 and up..

- FL Studio 12: will work but may bring up error message (Just Ignore)


How To Save/use The Presets:

1.) Drag and Drop the presets into an Empty Mixer slot, save the preset to use later...

Download Link

FL Studio Producer Edition + Signature Bundle v20.5.0.1142 WIN

FL Studio Producer Edition + Signature Bundle v20.5.0.1142
Size 931 Mb

Image Line has released FL Studio 20.5, an update that introduces a new “advanced production focused” synthesizer called FLEX, as well as heaps of workflow enhancements and updates to its native plugins. You can learn more about what’s new below.
FL STUDIO 20.5 introduces FLEX – An advanced ‘production focused’ synthesizer with instant epic sounds that allow you to stay in-the-zone making music. FLEX is free with all FL STUDIO editions. Plus, as usual, there’s lots of workflow enhancements for your favorite DAW…all because we love your Lifetime Free Updates!

What’s New in FL Studio 20.5

New Plugin

  • FLEX – Free plugin for all FL Studio Editions. FLEX is an advanced preset-based instrument built on Subtractive, Wavetable, Multisample, FM & AM synthesis.
FL Studio
  • macOS VST/AU – FL Studio can now be used as a VST or AU plugin on macOS hosts that support VST or AU plugins. Windows hosts can use VST.
  • Browser – (Alt+Click) to preview samples to their end. Click the stop on the transport panel to end early.
  • FILE settings – Option to change the maximum number of backup files.
  • Playlist / Piano roll – Mute selection (Shift+M). Unmute selection (Alt+Shift+M).
  • Plugin Manager – Check mark for favorite plugins is now a star.
  • FL Studio performance monitor – VIEW > Plugin performance monitor. Useful to identify resource heavy plugins.
  • Patcher – Option to show CPU usage of modules. Right-click workspace > View > Performance.
  • Channels & Effects – Added ‘Don’t show this in the future’ option when deleting Channels and Effects.
  • Reset popup warnings – Option on the General Settings tab.
  • MIDI Options – The MIDI device list will be updated when the computer wakes up after sleep mode.
  • MIDI – Added ‘Don’t show this in future’ for error messages when a MIDI device can’t open.
  • Plugins – Deleting plugins now asks for confirmation (since there is no undo).
  • SoundFonts – DirectWave will open when a SoundFont file is dropped on the Channel Rack.
  • Templates – Are now set under the General Settings tab.

Updated Plugins

  • Edison Denoise Tool – Now available on macOS.
  • Fruity Blood Overdrive – Is now a vectorized native FL Studio plugin, and also available on macOS.
  • Harmless – Free 120 preset ‘Harmless Essentials’ library by Olbaid.
  • Sytrus – Free 151 preset ‘Sytrus Essentials’ library by Olbaid
  • WaveShaper – Improved quality settings for live audio (HQ) and automation of its controls (smoothing).
  • Wave Traveller and Fruity Scratcher are now vectorized and also available on macOS.
  • ZGameEditor Visualizer – Added color parameter to effects. New effects (Alps, Boaty Goes Caving, Fluidity, Frozen Wasteland, Neptune Racing, Space Jewels, Spherical Polyhedra, WetInkSpiral, Xyptonjtroz). Added ‘Select all’ buttons to images and meshes list. New Add Images (source) options including presets (whole ZGameEditor projects), URL (Stream online videos) and Online Media (images and videos from

Note: This is the Windows version of FL Studio 20.5.

Download Link

Audio Animals Essential Percussion Hits WAV KONTAKT VST AU WiN

WAV: 23 MB | KONTAKT: 102 MB | WiN: 64 MB | MAC: 140 MB

Essential Percussion Hits is a large collection of 315 individual percussion hits. Hits include cabasas, castanets, claves, cowbells, egg shakers, guiros, maracas, rainmakers, tambourines, temple blocks, vibraslaps, wind chimes and wood blocks. A wide range of different percussion instruments have been selected for this free sample pack, making it highly versatile and user friendly in all genres of music.

In total 15 different percussion instruments have been recorded for this sample pack. Everything from guiros and maracas to rain makers and cabasas.

2 types of guiro were used in the recording of this sample pack. Both achieve their own unique sound and ca be used in conjunction with each other.

4 hit types have been recorded for the tambourine. Hit types include headed tambourine hits, headed tambourine thumb Rolls, headless tambourine hits and headless tambourine shakes.

The VST can be used to trigger all 315 percussion hits and is compatible with both 32/64 bit windows and mac. This ensures compatibility with all major DAWs.
Drum Select - Use to select which percussion drum is triggered
ADSR - Shape your sound (attack, decay, sustain, release)
Reverb - Add reverb amount
Pitch Bend - +2 / -2 semitones
Level - Master volume output control
Pan - Master pan control

The Kontakt sampler can be used to trigger all 315 percussion hits and is compatible with Kontakt 5 and above.
ADSR - Shape your sound (attack, decay, sustain, release)
HPF / Reso - Highpass filter and resonance
Distortion - Adjust drive, bass, brightness and tone
Bit Crusher - Adjust bits and sample rate
Width - Spread the stereo width
LPF / Reso - Lowpass filter and resonance
EQ - 4 band SSL style EQ with gain, Q and frequency controls
Compression - SSL style stereo bus compressor
Convolution Reverb - 128 impulse responses

31 - Cabasa Hits
15 - Castanet Hits
9 - Clave Hits
24 - Cowbell Hits
68 - Dual Guiro
11 - Egg Shaker Hits
24 - Guiro Hits
14 - Plastic Maraca Hits
17 - Rainmaker Hits
52 - Tambourine Hits
12 - Temple Block Hits
4 - Vibraslap Hits
6 - Wind Chime Hits
19 - Wood Block Hits
9 - Wood Maraca

More infos

808 909 Drum Stash Free Sample Pack by Ocean Swift

Ocean Swift has announced the release of 808 909 Drum Stash, a free sample pack containing over 200 drum sounds in WAV format.
Hundreds of 808 909 drum samples, including raw, edited and transformed. Ocean Swift says is an essential drum pack to serve as a rock-solid basis for your electronic rhythms and compositions whatever the musical genre. The sounds were edited with high-quality dynamic compressors, equalizers, saturation plugins, and various hardware emulations.
A while back we also wrote about another cool Ocean Swift freebie, Raw Drums, which contains 278 electronic drum samples. 
Back to 808 909 Drum Stash, all samples are delivered in WAV 44.1 kHz mono/stereo 24-bit audio format. It might be a new take on 808 and 909 drum samples – you will definitely know only if you download it and try it.

More information: Ocean Swift

1) What Is a MIDI Controller? 


MIDI controller is a bit of either equipment or programming (all the more regularly a physical bit of gear) that sends MIDI information to a gadget that supports melodic instrument advanced interface (MIDI) position. It generally triggers a sound or an activity in the advanced sound workstation that you are utilizing. 

Basically, a MIDI controller creates information that your product application translates. 

2) How Does a MIDI Controller Work? 


There is nothing confused here. The gadget is a lot of keys and catches that send sign to the PC to create music, ordinarily with a DAW. MIDI consoles regularly don't have speakers and come without pre-recorded notes. Consider it a manikin ace. It pulls strings (sends sign to the PC) and the manikin moves (your product application gets the sign and plays the correct note). 

MIDIs are unfathomably mainstream since they can be utilized with many DAWs and different modules within the application. Top computerized pianos may have a great many recorded notes in the information bank, however controllers can have millions – you simply need to associate them to the a large number of sound banks that come in types of modules and tests. Sky's the farthest point!

3) How To Use a MIDI Controller? 

Step by step instructions to USE A MIDI CONTROLLER 

A MIDI controller doesn't produce any solid. The main route it's to be utilized is by connecting it to your PC or workstation and utilizing a product application that can translate the sign. All things considered, you can't simply run your DAW and anticipate that your gadget should create sounds. To start with, you need to locate the MIDI gadgets' arrangement in your application and interface the controller to a similar MIDI convention. Second, you need to relegate the keys, handles, catches, and cushions to specific elements of a module of your decision, in some cases even various modules. 

4) What is a MIDI console? 


MIDI console is additionally a controller that is molded as an advanced piano. It as a rule accompanies a couple of additional highlights, for example, handles, faders, catches, cushions, and that's only the tip of the iceberg – all that you have to expand your profitability and your tracks' quality. It sends MIDI flag over to the PC that is on a similar MIDI convention – console must be associated with the DAW so as to do that. 

5) How Do Velocity Sensitive 

MIDI Keyboards Work? 

Some MIDI consoles have a sensor/valve that detects the weight connected over some undefined time frame and moves the information recorded to an application, for example, DAW. The product or a module inside the product translates the information and allocates the key squeezed the determined speed, which for the most part extends from 1 to 100. 

Aftertouch is a comparative capacity. The more extended the key is squeezed – the more drawn out the information will produce. After the application translates it, the length of the played note can be determined. 

6) What Are MIDI Instruments? 

Is it accurate to say that they are Different From a MIDI Controller? 

What Are MIDI Instruments 

The rule is indistinguishable – the instruments just send sign to your computerized sound workstation and the product creates the sounds relying upon the module you are utilizing. The main contrast is simply the sorts of MIDI gadgets – instruments themselves. A great deal of makers think about a MIDI console when somebody makes reference to a controller, even use them reciprocally. 

While consoles are without a doubt the most mainstream instrument, there are other MIDI instruments that can be alluded to as "controllers" – drums, wind instruments, guitars, and the sky is the limit from there. While every one of them are made to create music, a great deal of them spend significant time in a particular piece of the track. In the event that somebody needs an expert bassline on a stone track – they're probably going to employ a guitarist than a normal beatmaker.

How about we take a gander at another model here. 

For example, when recording a drum roll, most makers will utilize drum cushions on their console – it's simple and direct. On the off chance that you are a drummer, be that as it may, you may want to utilize a MIDI drum set – it will be all the more exorbitant and occupy more room, however on the off chance that you realize that you can improve drum lines with it – at that point it's a commendable venture. Quality over amount standard applies here also! 

7) Can You Make Music Without a MIDI Controller? 


Certainly, MIDI consoles, drums, or some other instruments are in no way, shape or form vital – you can do everything with your mouse – even make piano notes and allot speed to each and every one of them. MIDI controllers make your life simpler and robotize the procedure further, however they aren't fundamental using any and all means. 

Regular Questions About MIDI Technology 

Where did MIDI begin? How does the association procedure work? Get familiar with the fun realities in the "Normal Questions" segment! 

1) What is General MIDI? 

General MIDI is a lot of specs for electronic instruments used to make music, basically – melodic instruments that must be associated with an application through a medium (more often than not a PC). It was created in 1991 by the Japanese and American establishments 

In its pith, it's a correspondence convention. Its essentials are institutionalized for all instruments out there and make them interoperate on a fundamental level. A phenomenal case of the convention is notes and scales, which are institutionalized. Regardless of which instrument you pick to play, they convey a similar definition. 

2) What Are MIDI Channels? 

MIDI Channels Explained 

Everybody realizes what radio and TV channels are – as far back as they were kids. They are basically computerized correspondence channels, right? MIDI channels aren't exactly the equivalent, however they are fundamentally the same as! 

MIDI sign are intended to be gotten by one gadget at any given moment – and this can be accomplished uniquely by coordinating the MIDI channel number. In music generation and beatmaking, you need your controller to just work with the current module you have open, not another you have out of sight. That is the point at which you need a MIDI channel confirmation – when you open another module and it ends up dynamic, new MIDI channel number is created. 

3) what number MIDI channels are there? 

There are 16 conceivable MIDI channels and 128 program numbers. Most advanced sound workstations show them in a grouping from 1 to 128 – each number comparing to a particular instrument or sound inside the application. 

4) What Are MIDI Files? 

Consider them a lot of guidelines that were inconceivably famous back in the days. They don't contain any sound information yet come as images, which lessens the document estimate. The quality will fluctuate contingent upon your sound card, processor, and programming you are running them with. 

5) What is MIDI Input? 

MIDI information is your preferred sign from the instrument that will be transmitted in the MIDI configuration to another gadget that supports the MIDI augmentation documents. MIDI controllers have this as a default settings because of the reality they can't produce sounds. 

A few gadgets can switch in the middle of modes, one of which is a MIDI info mode. We should look at a model.. Some advanced pianos that have speakers and a handling unit worked in can likewise be utilized as MIDI consoles. 

The main distinction is that you can either utilize it as a sound bank and a console or use it as a MIDI controller. Considering the way that it wasn't unequivocally intended for MIDI info, you'll need to determine settings in the product that you are utilizing and set it up to exchange MIDI sign to your PC. 

6) What Are MIDI Modes?

A mode is the setting of a MIDI controller that controls the reaction of the gadget to the MIDI message. There are 4 modes that were incorporated into MIDI determinations initially. Later on, Multi and Mono modes were included for a MIDI guitar. 

There 4 modes are: 

Omni On/Poly – reacts to MIDI information on all channels, polyphonic. 
Omni On/Mono – reacts to MIDI information on all channels, monophonic. 
Omni Off/Poly – reacts to MIDI information on a specific channel, polyphonic. 
Omni Off/Poly – reacts to MIDI information on a specific channels, monophonic. 

You can download free drum kits from here !

7) What's The Difference 

Among MIDI and Digital Audio? 

Computerized sound records are an acoustic or electronic waveform caught legitimately from the source. These documents are prepared to be utilized with any sound player out there. They will in general be much greater in size than MIDI, and their quality fluctuates relying upon the nature of the account, how blending and acing were done, record configuration, and that's just the beginning, so they aren't as prominent among music makers. 

MIDI sound is created from the MIDI documents that were deciphered by your product – it doesn't sound like anything. They are much littler in size since they are simply a code of the grouping wherein the keys were pushed on the controller, their beat and speed.

Cymatics Old Town - Hip Hop Sample Pack WAV free

What exactly is “Old Town”?

Old Town Road by Lil Nas X is probably the biggest song in the music industry right now.

Both the original, and the remix with Billy Ray Cyrus, have gained hundreds of millions of plays on all platforms in just a few weeks!

So inspired by the meteoric rise of this song, our team created “Old Town” - Hip Hop Sample Pack which captures the seamless blend of country music elements and modern trap drums Lil Nas X has perfected.

This pack comes filled with all the modern trap drum loops, hi hat loops, 808s, drum one shots, and more that you need for the backbone of your beats.

But it also comes with plenty of country-inspired melody loops that were carefully written and processed to work perfectly in a Hip Hop setting -- and we believe this is exactly what makes “Old Town Road” so special.

Not to mention, we’ve also included several MIDI files to help you make your own melodies, and great FX samples to tie everything together as well.

Now is the perfect time to grab “Old Town” - Hip Hop Sample Pack for FREE!

Click here to Download 

Mirror Link1

Mirror 2

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