Download Future House template for Xfer Serum 2018
Wav|Presets|34.69 MB
Derrek has announced the release of a free Future House template pack for the Serum wavetable synthesizer from Xfer Records.

The pack includes a collection of synth presets, MIDI files and samples.

Future House template features

16 Serum presets.
7 FX samples.
17 Bass Cuts.
14 Synth Cuts.
8 MIDI files.

Filename: Free Future House Template by Derrek.rar  
Size: 34.7 MB 

Mirror Link :
Nom du fichier:Free Future House Template by Derrek.rar
Taille:34.7 MB

The basics of audio plugins 

What is a plugin?
A plugin is a small program or application that works within a host program. The host program is, in this case, your main music program, whether it be Logic, Samplitude, Reason, ProTools, or any other. The reason for adding plugins is to add flexibility and options that the host program doesn’t provide. Most programs come with at least some effects such as reverb, EQ, compression, delay, etc., and some are brilliant and have become standard in the industry, but others come with just bare-bones effects. Whatever the case, most of us have the need or want to expand the palette of effects available to us to create more efficient workflows, more interesting mixes, or to add more instruments to our productions. Plugins are commonly made by third-party companies that are not affiliated with the host programs, but some are add-ons from within the company that created the host program.

There are thousands of plugins available, from incredibly basic to mind-bendingly complex; from free to extremely costly; and from single plugins to suites of dozens of them that come packaged together and must be upgraded periodically to keep pace with technology and the needs of the engineer.

What are the types of plugins?

The most common format of plugins today is the VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugin. I would estimate that 80% of the host programs out there utilize this format. These plugins work in both Mac and PC formats.

DirectX, or DX, is next, and is used on PCs only. It’s becoming less and less common. The last two, and least common, are RTAS/TDM, created for ProTools, and AU or Audio Unit, which is made for Logic Studio in both Mac and PC formats.

Reason has recently entered the fray with what they call “rack extensions.” These are plugins that can be used only in Reason. Some are effects and some are instruments.

There are also virtual instrument plugins that come in VSTi and DXi formats. These are virtual instruments, most commonly keyboards, that actually produce sounds, not effects. They can be played or triggered by real keyboards connected via MIDI connections or can be played by a mouse. Obviously, the keyboard method gives much, much more flexibility and control than a mouse. These virtual keyboards can give you access to things as basic as a terrible piano sound and as complex as huge banks of multi-layered, editable stacks of synthesizer sounds. For the most part, you get what you pay for, but there are still steals out there. Demo some of them and read reviews. There’s plenty to like for every ear and every style of music.

How do I get them to work?

Generally, all plugins are all installed into the same folder. Your DAW will access this folder whenever you, as the engineer, pull up the plugin. Some plugins have self-installers that just require a few clicks and will find the right folder, or at least let you direct it to the right folder, and some are a little more difficult to figure out. You CAN keep them scattered wherever they happen to install, but then finding them later becomes more difficult and it makes your computer work a little harder when it has to look in several different places for them. The most common place to find/put them is in a folder named VSTPlugins. Other formats can go in there as well. I like to keep all of mine in the same place when they allow it.

Don’t be too alarmed if they’re not recognized right away when you install them or drop them in the folder. It often requires a restart of the program or sometimes even the whole system and perhaps even a re-scan of the plugin folder by the host program to make everything work. And sometimes it might even require a visit to the plugin manufacturer’s website or a call to the help desk.

A Word Of Caution

It’s tempting to think that plugins can fix every mix issue in the world or make a great song out of anything.

Not true.

Plugins, or at least most plugins, should be thought of like the icing on the cake or the spices on a slab of chicken. If that cake or chicken tastes terrible, no amount of the extras are going to make it delicious. They may hide the original flavor somewhat, but that underlying taste is still in there. I hear mixes all the time where people tried to load up on effects to hide bad sounds, and all it sounds like is a more complicated and cloudy bad sound.

Work VERY hard on getting the song to sound solid and right through good performances, good mic technique and good songwriting before you even pull out your bag of plugins, and your need for extra plugins diminishes, or they can then be used a spice to make the songs more interesting to the public, which is what you’re looking for in the end.

The bottom line is this: No one ever danced in a club or walked down the street whistling the sound of a plugin. Make your song great FIRST, then spice it up with the fun stuff.

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Edinburgh Records - Over 300 Boom Bap Drums & Samples [FREE]
The Boom Bap Drums Pack was Record by DJ Sonny on the MPC 1000 contains over 40 single drum samples & over 100 sound samples.

You can use these free boom bap drum kits in any rap, old school, East coast or boom bap beats. Arm yourself with these boom bap sounds and start making some old school classic instrumentals.
Boom bap is a style of production in hip-hop music. “boom bap” is an onomatopoeia for the drum sounds prominent, the kick, “boom,” and the snare, “bap”.
It was historically the East Coast style of hip-hop and the original style as opposed to the modern southern trap style. It is usually recognized by an acoustic drum loop/break sampled from a vinyl record that is then chopped up using a sampler, such as the Akai MPC or the E-mu SP1200.

Size: 270.5 MB

GratuiTous Endeavor Sylenth1 Presets
Anyways, this free download contains 20 free presets for you to use royalty free!
Filename: GratuiTous-Endeavor.rar  
Size: 4.2 MB


Trap Or Die Sylenth Presetbank [Trap Synth Presets]

Trap Or Die Sylenth Presets Vol. 2 [Synth Presets]

Legendary Sylenth Presetbank [Synth Presets]

Adrenaline Sound FX - WAV Samples + Massive Presetbank

Free Samples Material Infected Drum Kit WAV

Wav, 146mb 

Bass - 170
Snares - 115
Kicks - 94
Vocal#Vox - 61
Hats - 53
Tribal Drums - 17
Tags - 3
Street Sounds - 34
Scrath - 2
Percs - 7
Crashes - 2
Fx - 17
Open Hats - 4

Filename: Samples_Strange_-_Infected_drum_pack.rar 
Size: 145.7 MB

Filename: Samples_Strange_-_Infected_drum_pack.rar   
Size: 145.7 MB

Filename: Samples_Strange_-_Infected_drum_pack.rar    
Size: 145.7 MB 

Password - strangesamples

Get FREE SOUND FX (Website)

Stuart Duffield has been creating audio professionally for 18 years. Having worked predominately in the Games Industry, he has produced a wide range of audio for various worldwide clients and numerous high profile projects.
Based in the UK, Stuart has a history of synthesising, recording, designing, processing and editing audio of all types. Having worked in-house for a number of major Game Developers, Stuart currently works on a freelance / contract basis.
This involves audio design, music composition and voice production in various forms – for Games, Animation, TV and Film.
Click here to visit website

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TheProAudioFiles is back in 2018 with a new free sample pack called Digital Underglow which is a hybrid collection of over 350 free drum samples, free loops and free effects hand-crafted in London and LA using a blend of analog synths, guitar delay pedals, software synths, analog preamps, reverbs, drum machines and acoustic drums.
We fused organic with electronic, creating a mind-bending sonic palette that’s ready to go for your productions.
In total expect to get 150 drum samples, 150 bass, ambient, fx, 50 drum loops and 40 piano keys and synth loops.
All the samples are available in 24-Bit / 44.1 kHz WAV + MIDI formats and they are 100% royalty free for any commercial or personal productions.
TheProAudioFiles are well known for their quality tutorials and production articles, so go ahead an check this new free sample pack and refresh your music production arsenal with some new original sounds.
Download Link: Digital Underglow

Get 300 FREE Evolution Drum Samples Now
Wave Alchemy has released Evolve, a free drum kit packed with 300 drum samples created using their powerful modern virtual drum machine Evolution.
Free Powerful modern virtual drum machine Evolution 2018 
Expect to get a free collection of high-impact kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats, toms, cymbals, percussion hits and sound design tools available in 24-bit WAV format.
Most of these free drum samples have been designed from scratch using Evolution’s powerful layering and processing tools, while the rest are lifted directly from the Evolution library.
all you have to do now is to visit the links below and download this collection of drum samples, not only that they are available for free download but they are also 100% royalty-free, so you can use them in any commercial or personal productions.
Free Sample Pack: Download EVOLVE

Download Temper Free VST Distortion Effect
The phase distortion plugin TEMPER (VST, AU) by Creative Intent is now free and open source!
Temper is a modern digital phase distortion audio plugin with a rich saturation and phase distortion.
The variable saturation curve can give the sound warmth and edges, but the phase distortion should provide for character and clarity in the mix.
In addition, Temper has also integrated a simple resonant low-pass filter and feedback.
For saturation, the virtual sliders Curve, Drive, and Saturation are ready.
Temper has a very attractive user interface with a central display and seven parameters.
The output section is rounded off by the parameters Feedback and Level.
Creative Intent Temper is available free of charge in the formats VST, VST3 and AU in 32 and 64 bit for Windows and MAC systems.
It is extraordinary that the entire source code with the integrated algorithms as an open source file is made available for download.
Download Link: Temper

Dj Flako Twerk Samples Vol.1 WAV Free
If you’re comfortable and enjoy expressing yourself by dancing, shaking and ‘twerking’ to music, perhaps you’ll enjoy the party atmosphere which these sounds could help evoke in your music… This first volume of party-friendly sounds may not be massive but it covers a good range of useful types of sounds including bass, kicks, snares and synths. So, a small set, but a nevertheless valuable assortment of sounds which could have your listeners dancing wildly!

- 2 Bass
- 4 Snare
- 1 Stab
- 1 Hi-Hat
- 2 Kick
- 4 Synth

Free Download

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Free Accusonus HappyPlacer v2.0 The MEME Generator x64 VST
Sit back and take a break from making music without leaving your DAW. HappyPlacer 2.0 is a free audio effect plug-in that tells music jokes and transforms them into amazing memes. Let the world know about your Happy Place.

Click here to download

Click here to download

accusonus 2018,
Download Accusonus HappyPlacer v2.0 2018 

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R-loops – Fake love Free RnB Sample pack 2018
R-loops has announced the release of Fake Love, a free R&B sample pack inspired by the current trends and artists in the genre.
Fake Love features three free construction kits that are perfect to build up your intros for your R&B, soul and hip hop anthems. According to its authors, this sound kit has all the elements needed to produce the next hit. I don’t know if this is true, but I know that R-loops are very well established in this game and take the producing seriously. So, at least expect a high-quality pack perfect to boost your creativity.

These RnB song kits are inspired by the biggest names in the industry such as Drake, PartyNextDoor, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd and much more. They are loaded with loops, FX’s, one-shots and even MIDI files for maximum flexibility. Also, the kits are labelled with BPM and key information.
All sounds in this sample pack are licensed to you royalty-free, so you can use them in your commercial compositions with no extra costs. For more details see the license agreement which is included in the download file.
Fake Love sample pack is available for instant download at R-loops (no registration required). The size is 211MB (compressed ZIP), respectively 504MB (on disk).

Click here to download
Mirror Link

Download Levi Juney Opulence WAV MiDi Free
A life of luxury and opulence is what many aim towards or at least dream of… Fortunately, if you want to add that type of ‘vibe’ to your music, this pack contains 5 loops in both MIDI and WAV format for your convenience! It is worth noting that the pack was released to commerorate the milestone of 1K subscribers on YouTube, so if you want to see more freebies, make sure you continue to support the artist and maybe, just maybe more will be on the way (no insider information)…

Click here to download

Ghosthack FX 2018 WAV Free
We asked you what kind of free sounds you were looking for and many people answered us: SFX!
So, we created 35 free sound FX to enhance your music productions immediately.
Expect elevating risers, abstract soundscapes, huge impacts, ambient hits, reverse sounds and many more.

All files are royalty free as usual, ideal for your productions in music, movies, media and games.

Download Link
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3
Mirror 4

Download SampleScience - Toy KeyBoard
Toy Keyboard is based on a sample library featuring the sound of the Yamaha PSR-78 home keyboard. All the sound have been sampled and looped when appropriate.
Pierre Parenteau (the developer) told us what is under the hood: “To keep the plugin light, each sound contains only one sample stretched over the keyboard. The C3 note has been sampled for each sound, but in some cases you’ll hear a different note (C1 or C2)”. Also, to respect the original mapping of the PSR-78, he decided to keep the C1 and C2 notes to C3. In the zipped download file you will also find the WAV files which stay at the core of the instrument (labeled and looped).

Toy Keyboard is a free VST/AU plugin instrument for Windows (32- & 64-bit VST) and Mac OS X (64-bit VST/AU). It is available for free/donationware (in case you want to contribute with any amount and encourage the author to keep up the good work).
The download size is 173MB (comes with all installers for Windows and Mac OS X plus the instrument and drum/percussion samples). A valid email address is required for the download link.

Download Link
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

Download Concrete Jungle Elements (WAV & Kontakt Format)

Need Foley Sounds for your Beats? Download Our Free CJE Pack! Perfect for Trap, Future Bass, House, Hiphop & More!

Concrete Jungle Elements Overview:
Full Concrete Jungle Elements (WAV & Kontakt Format)
  • Field recording hits divided in 3 folders: Metal, Stone & Wood
  • 89 Metal hits and sounds
  • 27 Stone cold stone samples
  • 33 Warm wood samples
  • Kontakt files included with all sounds mapped to your keyboard
  • Rare and unique percussion sounds for your next production
  • Premium Quality, mixed and ready to fit in the mix
  • Perfect for your next beat
Don't sleep on this one!

NI Kontakt Files Also Included
Concrete Jungle Elements also comes with pre-formatted kontakt files with all one-shots categorized. Don’t have Kontakt? No worries, the WAV version will work with almost all audio software and hardware
24 Bit / 44.1 kHz WAV format (compatible with all DAW's e.g. Pro Tools, Ableton, Cubase, Reason, MASCHINE, Logic, FL Studio...)

Download Link
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3 

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