Bulletproof Benz Drum Kit for Free By Ignite VST

Bulletproof Benz is a drum kit by Empire SoundKits featuring one shot drum samples and loops, as well as some percussions and sound effects. The drum kit is inspired by legendary hip-hop producers such as Scott Storch and Timbaland. There are no 808’s, hits or any trap sounds in this kit, just pure hip-hop sounds – kicks, claps, snares, drum loops and much more.
In detail, you get 22 claps, 5 crashes, 7 drum loops, 19 closed & open hi-hats, 24 kick drums, 27 percussions, 20 snare drums and 15 sound effects. I have checked the samples, and yes, there is some useful material inside, the drum sounds are meaty, solid and usable. They are processed, just reverb was added, maybe a little too much, but this is a matter of taste and production approach.

Bulletproof Benz Drum Kit 2017 Free By Ignite VST

Product Details:

 22 Claps 05 Crash  07 Drum Loops  19 Closed & Open HiHats  24 Kick Drums  27 Percussion  20 Snare Drums  15 Sound Effects

Get Empire SoundKits Bulletproof Benz Drum Kit for Free via Ignite VST (£15 Value)