Rekordbox DJ 4.2.4 Portable 2017

Free Rekordbox DJ 4.2.4 Portable 2017
Portable Trial Reset Release | x86 | 172 MB
Rekordbox DJ delivers DJ software that provides a stable performance whatever spec laptop is used. The software’s GUI precisely mirrors the layout of our controllers, to give you instinctive, effortless control of rekordbox dj’s features. The software’s packed with all the usual performance tools – Hot Cues, Sampler, Slicer, Sound Colour FX, Beat FX – plus Beat Jump and the industry’s first Pad FX.

Unlocking rekordbox dj’s performance features means you can do all your set preparation in rekordbox – adding cues, loops and tags – then just plug your laptop into a controller and play. There’s no need to transfer your library into other software, and you can use that same library to play on CDJs or XDJs too.


Industry’s lowest latency and excellent sound quality
We have poured more than 20 years’ experience of making DJ hardware and software into the development of rekordbox dj. The result is an incredibly fast piece of software with the industry’s lowest latency, to give you natural, reliable control.

Prepare and play from a single rekordbox library
You can use rekordbox to manage your music and prepare sets, then perform from that same rekordbox library on a variety of controllers and CDJs. HID support means you can also play from the laptop using a CDJ or XDJ set-up.

GUI mirrors the layout of Pioneer DJ hardware for intuitive performances
rekordbox dj’s GUI is perfectly matched with the layout of hardware including the DDJ-RX and DDJ-RZ (announced today), to give the most effortless, intuitive software performances yet. The FX, waveform, players, sampler and browser exactly mirror the hardware, and you can choose from a 2/4-deck horizontal or vertical view to suit your preference.

A host of performance features including new Pad FX
You can perform with 2 or 4 decks and choose from a variety of our controllers to get plug-and-play access to Hot Cues, Slicer and a 16-slot Sampler. Plus:

+ New Pad FX: you can create multiple FX chains using all 16 pads
+ Sound Colour FX: customisable sound colour FX
+ Sampler: 16-slot Sampler plus 4 decks means you can play with up to 20 tracks at once
+ Quantized Beat FX
+ Release FX: exit complex FX patterns using a vinyl brake, echo or back spin
+ Slip Mode: silently continues playback during a loop, reverse or scratch, then brings the music back at the right point afterwards
+ Quantized Beat Jump: lets you jump backwards or forwards from the current playback position
+ Record: straight to the laptop during performance

How to Install:

1. Extract the folder where you want.
2. Run the .exe "rekordbox.exe" (this will create you a new folder for the portable trial version of Rekordbox DJ. This is this folder that you will delete when the trial is over before running again the .exe "rekordbox.exe" to get a fresh install of the trial version for another 30 days.)
3. Change the language to english with the preferences options in the menu of the software.
4. Install the drivers you need for your gears from the folder "Drivers".
5. Enjoy

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