Toolroom Academy presents Vocal Allstars.

Your ultimate resource for both male and female vocal samples.

We have tapped up some of the biggest names in the industry (including Roland Clark and Dan Diamond) for 100% new & completely exclusive, royalty free content that you wont find anywhere else.

With over 350mb, everything you need is right here; from spoken word, rhythmic verses, and one shots, to syncopated grooves!

Each sample has been meticulously worked over in our studio to provide you with the precise key and tempo so they will drop perfectly into your next hit.

Free Download

The sequel has arrived at last! The Official Trap Camp Kill Bill drum kit volume 2. This time, its comes with more bang than ever with custom drums mixed at Tree Sound Studios mixed on the SSL, API, and the Teletronix 2A! Crisp Snares, Clean Voxes, HEAVY 808's, Punchy Kicks, Gated Hi Hats, Sizzling Claps, Glitchy Loops, and even some presets from the Harmor version of Loud Pvck! Works in all DAWS (Wav Format)
here's more details:
32 Snares 14 Snare Fills 14 Loops 8 Vox 10 Claps 10 Kicks 8 Percs 7 808's BONUS 17 harmor presets from Loud Pvck
  1. Mashine_Trap_Kit  



Official  Views From The 6 Drumkit Free Download Below. Drakes Most Recent Album Views is one of the most highly aniticapted albums of 2016. Views has multiple tracks on the Billboard top 100 right now. VTF6 Features Production form Noah 40 Shebib , Southside of 808 Mafia , Kane West and more. This Official Views drumkit  includes some of the snares from tracks like ” Childs Play ” and Claps from the hit track “Controlla”

  • Kicks
  • Hats
  • Snares
  • Claps
  • FLP
Free Download

Traj-10TEN-Hardie's Gold Bricks Nexus 2 Expansion Bank

Nexus2 by reFX is all you will ever need to create the next hit. ReFx Nexus is a VSTi (Virtual Instrument) with a lot of functions, like a arpeggiator, trancegate, mixer/fx or modulation.
This product is 100% for free available on our site. Please keep in mind that we can not give you support for free downloads.
You need the reFX Nexus 2 VSTi to use these presets, you can purchase Nexus on the official website of reFX.

Free Download



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  • – Kicks
  • – SF2
  • – Vox
  • – 808’s
  • – Leads
  • – Brass
  • – Synths
  • – Strings
  • – Arps
  • – Hits
  • – Pianos
  • – Plucks
  • – Snares
  • – Snaps
  • – Claps
  • – Perc
  • – Crashes
  • – Hi Hats
  • – Open Hats
  • – Fx's
  • – Loops
  • – Sounds
  • – Choirs
  • – Beat Tags
Free Download (Hard Work & Dedication Producers Tools)
Free Download (Trap Shit 2016 Tools)
Free Download (Sonny Digital Going Digital Producers Tools)

DJ Pain 1 “Digger’s Hotline” Sample Pack


We have been hyping this release up for a while now. It’s finally here, The DJ Pain 1 Digger’s Hotline Sample Collection. This pack of free samples to flip contains hand picked soul and rock tracks that DJ Pain 1 has used in his biggest projects, Including his songs with Rick Ross, Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Jadakiss & more. Of course this is a FREE DOWNLOAD for all the ProducerGrind & DJ Pain 1 fans. Have fun chopping and make sure you cook up some dope!

Free Download

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