Boi-1da And JazzFeezy – Boi-1da Sound Kit Vol. 2

Download Free Boi-1da Sound Kit Vol. 2

One of the biggest frustrations for aspiring producers is finding the right sounds. If you’re working with the standard kits that come with most software, you’re going to sound like 100 other amateurs toying around with the basic shit. To make that crossover into sounding like a pro, it’s important to build up your arsenal of high quality sounds to work with.
Boi-1da has made some of the biggest beats in the past few years, and now he and Jazz Feezy are sharing a little gift in the form of Soundkit Vol. 2, containing over 200 sounds used in hits like ”Headlines” by Drake, “Trust” by Nas, “Not Afraid” by Eminem, and “All I know” by The Game.
Any aspiring producers out there, check it out.

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